Business Process

Thermal transfer technology is to transfer the patterns and words on the transfer paper to the substrate through "high temperature and high pressure". Strengthen your brand image and communicate key product information directly with thermal transfer services.

Understand The Needs

At the initial stage, our project team leader will lead the team to connect with you, understand your design needs, technical needs, and your brand trend and product tonality, as well your price requirements, and provide you with design solutions that match your needs and product recommendations are for you to choose from, or you can choose from our website or the product library we provide to you separately, because you may not see all the new products online, we will only list some new products. For the communication and completion of this stage, we will sure 100% on time cooperation according to your request.


Once the prototype plan is confirmed, we will goes to the stage of prototype proofing. Before proofing, we will check again whether the details of the proofing have covered all your previous requirements. Conventional samples are completed within 7-10 days. If special processes are required, we will complete them within 14 days. For samples that need to be moulded, the moulding time will also be controlled within 1 week. If it is a built-in plastic part that needs open the steel mold, depending on the complexity to give you the shortest time. If you choose the ones are samples in stock, that will be FREE for you. If the sample is customized according to a special process, we only charge the basic cost and the costs can be returned in steps according to your order quantity.

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Sampling testing

Once the sample is completed, we will send you the sample for testing purpose, please combine our packaging material with the filling material to ensure the functionality and compatibility of the packaging for your product. During this process, we will closely back up to meet your needs.

Confirmation of Pre-Production Sample

After the sample and the price are confirmed, we goes to the order stage. In the order stage, we sign a contract and please arrange to pay the deposit. Before entering the mass production, we will first confirm the pre-production sample of the mass product for you. The significance of the pre-production sample is to ensure the entire batch of mass products while meeting your requirements, the factory strictly implements the production of large-scale goods according to the operating specifications of specific products. There will be some differences between the first manual samples and the large-scale production of large-scale goods, especially for some special processing manual processing, This is why the key positions of front line in our factory are experienced skilled workers with more than 10 years of experience, ensuring the fullness and consistency of details.

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Mass Production

The production’s lead time depends on your quantity. Currently, our daily production capacity reaches 5,000-10,000 pieces. If your order has a special quantity demand, we open more production lines to increase the production capacity. The shortest production lead time is 35 days (after the pre-production sample is confirmed) for regular order quantities, and partial shipments can also be arranged. During the entire production process of the order, from raw material inspection, online inspection to packaging inspection and finished product inspection, our quality team and system will strictly operate and inspect according to the specifications to ensure that the products are 100% qualified and shipped.


The goods will be arranged to be shipped out within 24-48 hours upon receive the payment. The completed bulk goods will be packed in customized foam boards and put into boxes, and sealed with vacuum to ensure the safety of the products. We have cooperated with well-known logistics companies for many years. During these years, we have no customer complaint for delivery.

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After sale service

After you receive the goods, the project leader will regularly communicate with you about the use of the product to ensure that any needs in your use process are resolved.
If your situation is not covered by the above, please feel free to contact for the solution that suits you.