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In Zhongshan on a beautiful moring my French friends and I met for breakfast. in the morning, everyone came out of the house and the hotel The sunny weather made everyone feel happy. I raised my and and sad happily n chinese Zao Chinese pronunciation means good Morning my friends felt that very interesting asked me what does Za mean? I. ts good moming. My friend love the words to say hello very much, he became my customer later, and their brand name was born from this, after so many years, From the beginning of a brand to the gradual expansion, we supported each other, and we trust each other. There are many such customers in our company, and we accompany them to grow together. As we also continue to invest in research and development, production and inspection equipment, to give our customers continually creative and help our customers improve their respective competitiveness in the market.

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Quality is always the priority guarantee , Keep improving innovation ability , focus on sustainable development , and providing high-quality services are our clear goals all along , and we will always persist , work hard , and strive to continue to do better.

With the continuous support of customers , our turnover has also increased by 30% year by year . Our products have been enriched from the original single bamboo series expand to hard maple PLA Pure PLA products , etc , and we are still developing innovated materials and new categories areas related with bamboo , such as home accessories bamboo products etc.