Our Story


Our company was still an Asian purchasing company for European organic makeup. At that time, we were responsible for the entire supply chain management and purchasing of cosmetic packaging products in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc. The founder of the company was Mr. David Reccole., the founder of the European organic makeup standard, We are also the first company that has passed the certification of organic make-up.

In 2008, I took over the company. The founder returned to Europe. The relationship between me and the founder became a customer and a supplier.

On A Special Day

I gave him a bamboo pen. Seeing this exquisite bamboo pen, Mr David Reccole was surprised that bamboo, a natural material, could be so exquisite and shocking, and the structure of the pen made Everyone has the inspiration of the replaceable structure, so we have the idea of developing cosmetics packaging bamboo series products, which are used in all organic cosmetics. This is not only a non-irritating, natural and organic packaging material for consumers, At the same time, we are natural, degradable and sustainable. This is something that benefits human beings and makes ourselves happy.

Everyone agrees with this, and we are full of longing and enthusiasm for sustainability.


So We Started

To focus on finding various bamboo factories in China, factories for cosmetics packaging products, and start various proofing, process adjustment, investment, etc., Unfortunately , We have almost searched for nearly 100 capable factories across the country, but still have not found a satisfactory partner that can match us from raw material control, to research and development, to quality, functional details, including production control.

Bamboo itself is very rough, What we want is not only the naturalness of the material, but also its precision, its texture, and the surprise it brings to customers. After more than a year of grinding, communicating, trying and investing with various bamboo factories, we decided to open our own bamboo factory to truly match the product design, details and quality of mid-to-high-end brands.


In 2009 Our bamboo factory finally started production. Although we are a small workshop, we found a master who has been producing and developing in the bamboo industry for more than ten years to study and improve it together. A small question of size was discussed until late at night and tirelessly, everyone enthusiastically invested in their favorite industry, because everyone has a very clear goal, that is, to achieve a professional Chinese production that is truly recognized by the international market. The sustainable cosmetics packaging bamboo products, surprises customers, and is the only sustainable cosmetics packaging bamboo products manufacturer in China from source to finished product.

At That Time

We didn't have a dust-free warehouse, so we used plastic film to seal our small shelves to protect products to ensure that customers can get satisfied products. Gradually, our professional design team, engineering team, product team, business service, logistics etc. One stop solution team  professional construction and strengthening of the teams has made the company more competitive. We have accumulated richer product expertise, and we understand the impact of different materials on products. From the source, we must have professional expertise.

Screening and processing, we began to dig deeper, and we have to discuss the detail problems of the product until we have ideas and solutions, we began to develop our own customized production machines,To ensure that our products are unique in China in terms of feel, structure, function and quality, including precision. Natural materials and degradable materials have many unstable and uncertain factors. In this case, we need to spend a lot of time and testing to find problems, solve problems, formulate standards, and formulate strict inspection systems. Give strict operating specifications, control and work guidelines.

In 2009

In 2009

We have completed a full range of replaceable structures for sustainable development of cosmetic packaging bamboo products.

In 2010

In 2010

We began to develop luxury series of cosmetic packaging products, and successfully developed a full range of replaceable cosmetic packaging products for some mid-to-high-end brands to achieve a sense of luxury and sustainability;

From 2014 to 2017

From 2014 to 2017

In 2014, we began to introduce PLA product series. From 2015 to 2017, our 100% PLA series of degradable, recyclable and sustainable cosmetics packaging products have been successfully developed, and different European cosmetics brands have been put into use in the market. For more eco friendly materials, we are still developing and researching, testing, building, please look forward to